Reading Comprehension Lab

Comprehending and learning from texts we read, conversations we participate in, maps we study, and presentations we view requires unlocking the meanings associated with ideas, words, images, icons, and grammar. Research in our laboratory focuses on the nature of such comprehension by describing the activities and processes that comprise it. We also seek to facilitate these activities and processes by understanding comprehension difficulties and, with that knowledge, designing effective learning interventions. Our work examines human memory and language to (a) identify the underlying cognitive processes that operate in the service of our everyday comprehension experiences, (b) elucidate conditions that influence the likelihood of successful comprehension, and (c) develop interventions to foster comprehension success. The unifying theme of our work is that basic research on cognition can find its application in educational settings, and work in the learning sciences can directly inform theories of comprehension.


Members of the lab will be presenting their work at the 2015 APS Annual Convention in New York, NY, as well as the Society for Text & Discourse 2015 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

Rapp Lab


Room 220

2120 Campus Drive

Evanston, IL 60201



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